About me

passionate about personal growth and development


In 2018 the idea of Grow Lead Prosper was just that, an idea.  I had a vision for a company that could bring value to people no matter what stage of life they were at.  There was no name. There was no website. All I had was an idea and a book. It was "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" by John C. Maxwell. This book became my guide. It challenged me, it called me out on my excuses, and moved me to action. I was able to identify and move past personal growth gaps, and make a step towards my vision. Now Grow Lead Prosper is a reality, and an award-winning busines! As aCertified Coach and trainer, I teach "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth"  and other programs here in Prosper, TX as a Mastermind Class. I am honored to be able to bring world class training and leadership courses to our community. And I am especially excited to bring Live2Lead Public Simulcast and Private Re-Broadcasts  to the area. Schedule yours NOW!

john maxwell certified coach, speaker, trainer


I enjoy working with teams and individuals on reaching their potential. Years ago, an executive coach took interest in me and my career, and let me tell you, it was an incredible push to my confidence, and personal development. He helped me see  the things I wasn't able to see yet. He helped me to make the unconcious conscious. He gave me an inspiration to help others the way he helped me. John Maxwell Team Certification gave me expertize and the tools to be able to do that. 

Maxwell method DISC certified behavior analyst


My favorite part about being Certified DISC Trainer is my ability to help teams, individuals, and even families to break the barriers of communication and create meaningful relationships. Maxwell Method DISC offers structured action plans to improve communication based on your personality style. Many teams make the mistake of taking the test, figuring out what style they have, and leaving it at that. It is like spending money on buying a car, and keeping it in the garage while continuing to walk everywhere. Once you take the assessment and learn about different styles – you gain superpowers. Use them!